gta 5 on mobile without verification

How to Get GTA 5 Mobile For Your Phone Without Verification

How to Get GTA 5 Mobile For Your Phone

We’re going to take a look at some ways of how to get GTA 5 mobile. I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and love the single player too. I just recently bought my Xbox and as I get an opportunity to try out Grand Theft Auto on there I thought I’d give this some of my attention.

First off, you’ll need to download the free version of GTA and start it up. If you have a Nintendo Wii or PlayStation console, you might have to setup your emulator before you can play GTA5 Mobile. Once that’s done, go to the home screen and make sure you’ve selected the search bar then enter “GTA5”. The game should pop up after which you should click the Play button.


GTA 5 on mobile without verification

Now when it’s in the game, you will see a big GTA logo so you should turn this off. This will also prevent it from trying to take you back to the dashboard. If you turn off the “GTA”, it will also block all icons from appearing. Next, I’m going to show you how to download GTA5 in mobile in the Xbox.

Click “View”, then select “My Documents”. Click “Import” then choose your PSP (or whatever other format your PSP supports). You should now see an icon that says “Your Games Library” and next to it, in blue text, should be “You Are Using A WII System”.

When you click this icon, the list will load and you’ll see all of your games. Now here’s a cool thing: the games are broken up into categories and the categories are labelled. I think this is great as it makes the process of downloading games so much easier.

When you click the category, you’ll see all of the GTA5 games. The first thing you need to do is click the one you want to download. After clicking it, there should be a list of options. Pick the one you want to download and then click Open Now.

gta 5 on mobile without verification

After you click Open Now, a list of games will pop up. Now you just need to click on the games you want to download. Once you click that, the games will download to your console and you can start playing. Once they download, just repeat the steps to copy the games to your PS Vita.

So there you have it, how to get GTA5 mobile in your smartphone. It might not be as cool as the game but it is great if you don’t have a PS Vita or Wii, I mean seriously, wouldn’t you want to play the single player? Now I can play GTA online and enjoy the graphics.

If you have a lot of people over you can sit down with your friends and chat in a GTA style. Now I like playing GTA by myself, so this method works really well for me. It does work in that when I come back from a long day I like to spend time with my PC buddies.

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Now you know how to download GTA 5 in mobile. Enjoy!